Factory Compliance Services by TNS HR Services Private Limited include

Factory Compliance Services

Factory Compliance Services in bangalore

  • Shop & Establishment Compliance
  • Labour Law Compliances
  • Labour Law Audit
  • Labour Law Consulting Pay-roll
  • PF & ESI compliances
  • Labour Law Record Maintenance
  • Industrial Licenses
  • Labour Law Registrations
  • Labour Law Licenses
  • Factories Act consultancy

In a business environment where social issues are increasing, there is a chance to gain a competitive edge and attract new markets, new customers. The adherence of labour legislations has become pre-determined and prime necessary to come into the role of business partners at all level. Improved compliance will increase ability to tender for new orders.

The subject matter of compliance for a new factory or an existing factory involves enormous efforts, effective monitoring system in place and credibility. An effective Labour compliance in a factory will ensure congenial environment, corporate image, corporate governance and revenue roll out for the Principal owner.

Adherence and maintenance of statutory orders becomes mandatory and the consequences of non-compliance /negligence amounts to financial loss and credibility in the business market.

TNS HR Services Private Limited offers Factory Compliance Services with the expertise in Labour Laws for a new factory and an existing factory in India.

Compliance for a new factory or an existing factory not only calls for knowledge but also requires enormous efforts on the administrative front. Effective monitoring system should be in place to ensure the voluminous compliance activities are carried out on time. All these efforts are essential to maintain a congenial IR climate apart from compliance and governance. TNS HR Services Private Limited Factory Compliance Services offers the client the required knowledge base and designs technology driven systems and processes for completion of clerical activities to ensure compliance on a routine basis, thus freeing the client to focus on development and IR climate.