Contract Labour Management in Bangalore India

The duty of the principal employer to secure full compliance in respect of the employees engaged by (or) through contractors / sub-contractors / outsourcing agencies/service providers. This has been upheld in various Supreme Court and High Court judgments. Labour legislations fix responsibility with the Principal Employer for:Contract Labour Compliance

  1. Registration & licence under Contract Labour Act
  2. Payment of minimum wages to contract labourers
  3. Maintaining records, registers, forms & notices – Various Acts
  4. Remittance of ESI, EPF & LWF contributions for contract labourers

Possible consequences if the above are not complied with shall be Fine and/or imprisonment Arrears of contribution with interest, Absorption of the contract labourers

Compliancy for new factories or existing ones involve calls for abstracts, but they require vast efforts for the administrative base that have effective monitoring systems and high-volume, repetitive clerical actions to be performed within timeline stipulations.  All endeavors are in essence for the congenial maintenance of the IR climate, separate from compliance and the governance system. TNS HR Services Private Limited for factory compliance offer clientele required knowledge and design-technology driven systems and processes for completion of clerical activity that ensures compliancy on a routine basis that frees the client to focus on development and IR climate.

TNS HR Services Private Limited – Service Highlights:-

  • Registration under applicable acts
  • License renewals and amendments
  • Display of Notifications
  • Centrally maintained data backups
  • Preparation of statutory documentation related to labourers
  • Preparation and submitting of periodical returns to government agencies
  • Timely remission of all statutory payments
  • Contractual auditing of statutory records
  • Facilitation during inspection

This process involves coordination of various government bodies for obtaining legislative requisition, data processing, consulting and appraisal of clientele for any changes in regulation for applicable and time-sensitive actions, ensuring an absolute compliance. A knowledge-driven partner with continuing education, TNS HR Services Private Limited has training as a core value in their protocol.  Along with a mission to partner client visions, this prompts their extension of valuable services, like amendments of licensing, exemptions that accelerate business operations without disturbance and immaculate legal consulting services.

Advantages of choosing TNS HR Services Private Limited:

  • Single-service provider nationwide
  • Labor legislation expertise
  • Timely knowledge updates
    contract labour management

    contract labour management

  • Absolute unconditional statutory compliance
  • Obtaining of any Licence
  • Register of wage cum Muster Role (Form: XIII/T)
  • Register of Muster Role (Form: XVI)
  • Register of wages( Form: XVII)
  • Register of Deduction Loss / Damage( Form:XX)
  • Register of Fines(Form: XXI)
  • Register of Advances ( Form: XXII)
  • Register of Over Time ( Form: XXIII)
  • Wage slips ( Form: XIX0)
  • Register of Work men ( Form: XIII)
  • Employment card (Form: XIV)
  • Service certificate ( Form: XV)
  • Time in & out Registers
  • Letter of Appointments ( Form: Q)
  • Leave card (Form: H)
  • Weekly Off Registers
  • Whether Leave with Wages Register maintained
  • Whether Leave with Wages is extend to all the Employees deployed , [email protected] days worked & SL/CL-12days
  • Accident Register in Form :11 is to be Maintained in the establishment and Report and accidents in Form:16 to be maintained by contractors/ Employers
  • EPF Registration Certificates
  • Remittance of the contributions if any before 15th of every month
  • Whether Copies of Form 12A, 5 & 10 submitted before 21st of every month
  • ESI Registration Certificates
  • Weather contribution remitted through challans in SBI-by 21st every month
  • Employees who are drawing less then Rs:15000/-PM are to be covered under the ESI act by obtaining the particulars of employees in form:1 and Submitted the same to ESIC With Photo Copy for Obtaining ESI card
  • Whether Minimum Wages Paid
  • Every Employee should be allowed 5 national Holidays & 5 Festival Holidays
  • The statement of National & Festival Holidays to be Sent to the Labour Inspector & same copy to be Displayed on Notice Board at the establishment
  • If any Employee work on N & F holiday whether additional Payment / C/O made
  • OT working Yes/No, rates of payment
  • OT paid shown in the OT Register & ESI Contribution
  • Whether Bonus is paid to all employees who have completed at last 30 Days of Service With the Contractor
  • Whether bonus is paid to all those deployed in the Company in the presence of the representative of the company and endorsed in form:C
  • Whether bonus Registers Form:A & B are maintained
  • Whether Annual return in form D submitted within a month if payment of Bonus
  • Labour Welfare Fund Certificate
  • PT Registration Certificate
  • PT Challans
  • Half Yearly Returns (Form:XXIV)
  • R/C in Form – 5 – Period April to September / October to March

These are some of the work done by us towards Contract Labour Management in Bangalore India by TNS HR Services Private Limited.